For the past 30 years our commercial clients have included: restaurants, schools churches. Dentist/doctors offices, rental spaces, factory, warehouse spaces, automotive garages and commercial kitchens.


We understand that deciding to paint your commercial space is a big decision. That’s why Don Campbell Painting does everything possible to minimize the amount of disruption to your everyday operations:


  • Extremely conscientious in maintaining a clean work space so you are able to continue business without any disruption.


  • Conduct the job in a chronological order that works best for you.


  • Work around your business hours i.e. weekends and holidays, if the job is not able to be completed during a regular business day.


  • Time efficient: Helping you get back to business as usual is our priority.


Our product of choice for commercial use is scuff-x paint. When fully cured gives a scuff resistant finish that holds up well to high traffic areas and public use.


Don Campbell Painting is fully insured with WSIB and Liability.

office space with desks
High Ceiling Painting
Commercial Interior Painting
- Educational facilities, Medical facilities, Stores, Churches, Gyms, Restaurants
- Block walls, Brick, Concrete floors, Drywall, Doors/Door frames, Windows frames, Baseboard
- Office spaces, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Classrooms, Hallways, Stairwells, etc.
- Exposed ceilings/Ductwork, Acoustic tile ceiling
- Railings, Staircases, Cabinetry, Steel beams
Commercial Interior Prep Work
Commercial Interior Prep
- Block off working areas to avoid traffic
- Cover floors, Move furniture into centre of room and cover
- Remove and reinstall switch plate covers
- Clean surfaces when needed
- Caulk gaps, Fill nail holes, Fix nail pops and imperfections
- Sand walls and ceilings before paint and in between coats. Apply strong bonding primer to high traffic areas
Sanding of Wall
Commercial Interior Specialty Services
- Drywall repairs
- Dustless sanding
- High difficult areas/Work requiring lift trucks
- Wallpaper removal
- Colour matching
Commercial Exterior Painting
Commercial Exterior Painting
- Educational facilities, Medical facilities, Stores, Churches, Gyms, Restaurants
- Spray/Roller/Brush application
- Paint Block, Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Stucco and Brick siding.
- Exterior Window frames, Doors/Door frames, Garage doors
- Soffits, Fascia, Eavestrough
- Wrought iron fences, Wood fences
- Decks, Concrete patios Pillars, Gazebos
- Colour matching
Preparing Exterior For Paint
Commercial Exterior Prep
- Block off working areas to avoid traffic
- Power washing/Cleaning
- Scrape any loose peeling paint and sand surfaces
- Prime bare wood/metal. Caulk gaps
- Apply strong bonding primer to high traffic areas
Commercial Exterior Specialty Services
Commercial Exterior Specialty Services
- High difficult areas/Work requiring lift trucks
- Power wash: Siding, Walkways, Eavestrough, Fascia
- Rust removal

Stucco Removal… Without The Mess!!

Don Campbell Painting is now offering a quick and clean way of removing your unwanted, dated stucco. The old way of doing it was to wet the stucco and scrape it off by hand. As you can imagine, this way very slow and messy. Our system offers a unique combination where we can sand the stucco and extract the dust at the same time. We remove the stucco, prime the ceiling to reveal any imperfections that need to be fixed, fix these areas and then finish the ceiling with ceiling paint. The results in a much better product with very little mess.