Who are we?

In 1987 Don Campbell decided to start his own business to support his growing family. He was taught to paint professionally by a custom painter in Toronto. Having an entrepreneurial mind, Don Campbell began Don Campbell Painting & Home Improvements. Word of his painting skills and conscientious work ethic soon spread and by 1989, Don had made painting his fulltime career.

The business experienced such great success that the entire family got involved. At some point in their lives all of Don’s four children worked for our painting company.

At an early age Don’s son Will showed a great skill for painting and managing the demands of the profession. While continuing to work for the family business Will obtained his Business Degree from Georgian College, and when Don retired in 2016 Will became sole proprietor of Don Campbell Painting.

What brand/quality of paint does your company use?

Benjamin Moore products are our first choice. They have a variety of products for various applications such as: Scuff-resistant paint, Paint for allergy sensitivities, Ultra flat ceiling paint and Interior/exterior paint with colour lock technology to keep your colours looking truer for longer.

Each project dictates what product would be best used for that particular application. We whenever possible, will use the customer’s preferred choice of product.

Do you use tape when you paint?

We do not use tape as the paint can bleed through, or the tape can sometimes rip away the wall layer beneath the tape. However, we do use tape in some very difficult areas.

What is the customer responsible for on the starting day of the project?

The customer is responsible for picking their choice of colours. The customer is also responsible for removing any precious items, breakable items and pictures from the area.

Don Campbell Painting will move furniture to the center of the room and remove switch plates etc., as well as window coverings where necessary.

How do you prep the walls prior to painting?

We inspect the areas to be painted for nail pops, divots and nail holes and fill them. We do ask that customers let us know prior to starting if they want us to leave any nail holes unfilled. The walls are lightly sanded to remove any surface dirt and burrs. The walls are sanded again between first and second coats.

How do you prepare decks prior to applying the product?

There are many different applications for preparing decks:

We power wash when there is mildew or heavy dirt.

If boards are grayed out, we apply a brightening product to brighten them up again.

The finish requested by the customer will dictate the method of application, ie - brush/roller/spray.

Deck products include water seal products, semi transparent stains, semi solid stains, solid stains.

Are you insured?

We are insured under WSIB as well as liability insurance. We are a “worry free” company to have in your home!

Do you use a sprayer or roller and brush?

Every job is different. The surface to be painted, as well as the area of the project, will determine the method of application. Interior projects are normally done with roller and brush. For exterior projects we can use a combination of sprayer, roller and brush.

What payment options do you offer?

Don Campbell Painting accepts Visa/Master Card, e-transfer, and cheque. We also have financing options for larger projects.

Can we live in our house while its being painted?

Yes, absolutely. We will work in a way to create and area for you and your family to be in while we progress through the job

Are the paint fumes strong?

No. most of the paints used today are zero VOC meaning they are not harmful to breath in for humans or animals/pets to breathe.

How long will it take?

While that’s difficult to answer since each job is so different. What we can tell you is that in additional to doing exceptional quality work we are very time efficient.

Who do I speak to?

Will’s your man and is always happy to answer any of your questions and give you a quote for your next project.